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Given widespread acknowledgement of the importance of culture in the hierarchy of public sector concerns, despite the economic climate, it is hardly surprising that governments and institutions in many countries have been interested in learning how cultural policies internationally have been evolving to address cultural dilemmas and economic concerns. INTERNATIONAL INTELLIGENCE ON CULTURE, led by Rod Fisher, has specialised in the provision of consultancy, research and training on cultural policy with an international dimension for 20 years since Rod first established it under its original name (the International Arts Bureau). With its high level advisory board it has been able to draw on collective experience in well over 40 countries worldwide. The work of International Intelligence on Culture has focused on:

Cultural policy advice

Research and consultancy

Cultural project work

Cultural training and education


  • National, regional and city governments internationally
  • Arts Councils and cultural funding agencies
  • The European Commission and Council of Europe
  • Universities and higher education establishments in several countries
  • International foundations and networks

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